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Corporate Websites

We design fully responsive, content managed, bespoke websites from the outset for companies or personal brands that want to maintain an active and trendy presence online where all information about their brand can be found at a click.

Our Corporate Website has the following features:

  • Responsive: Our websites work on all devices – PC’s, Mac’s, mobiles, and tablets. It will adjust dynamically to display correctly according to the size of the devices screen, moving content and showing appropriately sized menus.
  • CMS: You will be able to change the content on your site. We make it easy by looking at what you want to display and changing the underlying content management system to make it simple for you to use. You won’t need any technical skills.
  • SEO: All of the websites we build are search engine friendly. This means that the sites are written in clean, well formatted code; the menus are structured correctly and the pages have appropriately formatted titles and addresses.
  • On-site optimisation: In our SEO package we also offer on-site optimisation, where we make changes to the content on the site in order to help target the key phrases you’d like to do well for. This involves adjustments to the page titles, descriptions and text content – links, headings, etc.

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E-commerce Websites

There is no doubt that the web is a great leveller allowing organizations to offer services or products without the expensive overheads associated with running one or more premises. We develop secure e-commerce solutions which allow customers to browse and shop online, whatever you’re selling.

Our E-commerce Websites have the following features:

  • Security: We offer secure, safe and direct way for your customers to pay for your products.
  • Convenience: Orders and payments can be made instantly, with invoices and customer details stored automatically for future reference.
  • Open 24-hours: Keep your business online and selling twenty-four hours a day, taking orders and making new contacts night and day.
  • Widen your customer base: Open your business up to an untapped marketplace with billions of potential customers – a shop front that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Website Hosting

we provide an easy-to-use control panel packed full of features, providing everything you need to maintain your website at a lower level. Our standard shared hosting package is clustered over multiple servers. Our cloud based hosting delivers consistent reliability and effortlessly handles unforeseen traffic bursts. Our hosting includes FTP access, Secure Shell, MySQL databases, webmail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP email, as well as daily offsite backups. We can also provide and install SSL certificates for secure websites. We can also provide and manage domain names for your site at a very affordable rate.

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Personalised Websites

We build personalised websites for occupation specific people like photographers, singers, poets, accountants, churches, etc. having in mind tailored structures and functions that they need to be able to promote and interact with their followers.

Our Personalised Websites have the following features:

  • Simple Update: Once we’ve created the structure of the website, you can update the text and images and add new pages without deviating from the format and style that we’ve designed for you.
  • Responsiveness: All our websites are “responsive”. This means that they are viewed differently according to the size of the screen on the device that they are being displayed upon.
  • Blog & News Features
  • Social Media Integration

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 Average customer rating (245 votes)

I can’t give enough praise for the wonderful job The Websites People did on my website. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. They were so patient, followed instructions really well, made helpful suggestions and produced something that I think is simply, quite beautiful!! Once the site was up, they used their screen share to take me through it, explaining clearly and patiently so I feel proud of my new site. A brilliant service, calmly and professionally executed.

- Jeliu Sapashini (CEO - Nalfem Consult)


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